Borssele Wind Farm Zone (BWFZ)

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency, makes information available about the soil, wind and water conditions of wind farm sites. Market parties can use this information as input for their bids  for the offshore wind SDE+ tenders. commissioned a Metocean measurement campaign in the Borssele wind farm zone.

Fugro OCEANOR has placed two metocean buoys in the BWFZ, which provide meteorological and oceanographic data. The measurement campaign of the buoy positioned in the centre of the BWFZ started in June 2015. In November 2015 the second buoy was installed close to the southern border of the BWFZ. This will help assess any wake effects from the neighbouring Belgian wind farms. Both buoys have experienced unplanned service needs onshore. The service needs are mainly the effect of unsatisfactory marinisation of the Lidar. In February 2016 both buoys have been redeployed.

All metocean campaign data and reports can be found on the RVO Borssele BWFZ website 

For contact about this campaign please find additional information on the contact page

Available metocean data is quality approved by TNO and also hosted via the TNO WindOpZee database (contact

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