Measurement campaign MMIJ

For 4 years TNO will do measurements on the meteorological mast IJmuiden. All the data is stored in a database and will be made publically available on this website. At three different heights, in three different directions, booms are installed. Sensors are placed on these 9 booms, on the top of the mast and on the roof of the measurement container, measuring wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, temperature, rainfall and relative humidity. A LIDAR system is placed in the mast to measure wind speeds above the mast, up to a height of 300 meter.
A wave buoy is placed in the sea, next to the mast, to measure current and wave properties.

The below list gives an overview of the signals that are measured on the mast.

The LiDAR measures wind speeds and directions above the mast, at 90, 115, 140, 165, 190, 215, 240, 265, 290 and 315m. The LiDAR signals are general signals and signals for each height.

The wave buoy gives the following signals per hour:

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