Meteomast IJmuiden (MMIJ)


The group Wind Energy of TNO Energy Transition is performing a four year meteorological measurement program on the Dutch part of the North Sea, requested by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. The goal is to collected better wind data that can be used in the preparations of new offshore wind farm in the area that are allocated by ‘Nationaal Waterplan’. The available wind is one of the most important variables when calculating the expected revenues of these future power plants, therefore it is of great importance to collect more reliable wind data. This will lead to more certainty en less risks for investors reducing the costs.

At several platform in the North Sea wind measurements are done, but these are not accurate enough for offshore wind energy. The heights on which is measured is often too low and the frequencies are also too low.

Bovenaanzicht Lidar
Blik omlaag vanuit mast
Windvaan en anemometer


The measurement campaign uses an offshore meteorological mast that was built in 2011 and placed approx. 75km West of the coast of IJmuiden. At various heights (between 25 and 100 meter) sensors are mounted observing and recording wind speed, wind direction, temperature and pressure differences. Also a LIDAR system is placed that measures wind speed and direction at heights above the mast, up to 300 meter, by using laser technology. To design safe and cost efficient foundations for future offshore wind turbines the campaign also includes measurements on sea current and wave data making use of a wave buoy.

There is also the plan to place a LIDAR system at Lichteiland Goeree, 30km South West of Hoek van Holland.

All data is stored in a database that are made publically available on this website. The results of the program will be further used in the research and development program FLOW (Far and Large Offshore Wind).

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