The department Wind Energy from TNO Energy Transition carries out a meteorological measurement program on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs on the Dutch part of the North Sea. Within this measurement program, measurements are carried out at various measurement locations. Since November 2016 TNO has also carried out meteorological measurements on the K13a platform of Wintershall (https://www.wintershall-noordzee.nl/).


The K13A is an offshore production platform located 100 kilometers from the Netherlands in the Southern North Sea. The K13-A serves as a link between the production platforms J6 and the K6 and the other WGT pipeline operators. Using the installation (pig launching & receiving) that is stationed on the platform, the pollution and filling of condensate that occurs when transporting natural gas is cleared.

K13a (coördinates 51° 56′ NB, 3° 40′ OL )

This platform also serves as an automatic weather station of the KNMI. At this station, in addition to the usual issues, such as temperature, wind direction, wind speed, air humidity and air pressure, the wave height has also been measured since 1977. The measuring station is at a height of 30 meters. The METAR code of this station is EHJR. [ref. Wintershall / Wikipedia]


In order to be able to carry out wind speed measurements, a ZephIR 300M has been installed which can measure up to 220 meters above sea level.
The laser beam is eye-safe according to IEC EN 60825-1, January 2008.

ZephIR 300M

Installation & maintenance

In November 2016 the LiDAR was installed under the helicopter platform. The LiDAR is checked on a regular basis and will every now and then be replaced by a new calibrated LiDAR.

Installed LiDAR (side)

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