The Wind Energy research group of TNO Energy Transition has been mandated to carry out a multi-year meteorological measuring program in the Dutch sector of the North Sea by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The goal is to collect better data that can be used in the preparation of new offshore wind farms in the areas identified in the National Water before. Because the wind resource is one of the most important variables in the calculation of the proceeds from these future parks, it is important to collect more reliable wind data. Ultimately, this leads to more certainty and less risk for investors, which will drop the cost down.

Besides the long-term monitoring program on Europlatform (EPL), TNO has for years conducted a measuring campaign at the Meteorological Mast IJmuiden (MMIJ).


On a distance of about 30 km south-west from Hoek van Holland a platform called Europlatform is situated. The exact location of the platform can be seen in this figure.

The platform serves as a beacon for ships on the North Sea. Also, meteorological measurements and wave measurements are being performed on the platform.

Europlatform (EPL)

To perform high speed measurements on the platform on higher altitudes (up to 220m above sea level), TNO has installed a ZephIR 300 Lidar on the platform. The laser beam is eye-safe according IEC EN 60825-1, January 2008.

ZephIR 300


On May 9th and 10th, 2016 the LiDAR has been installed below the helicopter platform.

Installed LiDAR

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